VICA ground coffee is made from raw unmixed Arabica and Robusta coffee with distinctive smell, grown by the company on the fat bazant in the height of over 800 meters above the sea level, with a fresh, cool climate creating distinctive flavor. One of the famous characteristics of Arabica coffee is processed with web – technology regulations, the most modern technology in Vietnam at present.

     VICA ground coffee is processed with self – contained technology chain. Quality of VICA coffee is controlled thoroughly from raw materials to packed products with the aim to ensure hygiene of the product.

    Using aromatic spices that extracted from the nature, it is organic product; it is good for your health that is an important factor of delicious, distinct product.

    The quality of ICA coffee means is popularized under the permit of Daklak

 Health Service of No 107/03/CBTC – YTDL. The license is allowed to use the bar code issued by Measures, Quality General Department. VICA coffee is made under the Vietnam Quality TCVN 5251: 1990. Exclusive registered trademark with number 72704 on June 12, 2006.


 Coffee product with the trademark of VICA has below kinds:


 High-grade Coffee

Instant coffee

Green coffee box

+ Green box: 500 gram,

 250 gram

Brown coffee box

Brown box: 250 gram

   * Coffee product with the trademark of VICA gained many Awards:

 - Golden global prize of the Ministry of Science and Technology

   - Golden Medal in Spring fair

   - Golden Medal of the Ministry of Science and Technology for quality products of community’s health.

   - Admitted as high quality ground coffee of VICA

   - Coffee product with the trademark of VICA is diversified with kinds, beautiful model, and competitive price.

Coffee product with the trademark of VICA is consumed domestic and abroad.

Customers have requirement to buy Robusta green coffee beans of our company, please contact us by the phone number of Mr. Thai: 0982.414690


Green coffee bag

Green bag: 500gr, 200gr, 100gr

Brown coffee bag

Brown bag: 500 gram, 200 gram, 100 gram


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