Plantation of Rubber in exploitation


  Rubber Area in total: 2,619.45 hectares:
- Rubber in exploitation (Plantations of Ea Ho Phu Loc, Tam Giang, CưPơng): 2,079.73 hectares.
- Rubber Plantation of D’lieya: 539.72 hectares.

Annual quantity of rubber: In 2010: 3,366 tons of dry latex; and in 2011: 3,732.9 tons of dry latex.

Processing rubber latex:

-    Our company has a Rubber processing factory

-    Productivity of 6,000 tons per year.

- Products of processed rubber latex including: SVR 3L, SVR 5, SVR 10, SVR 20.

- Our rubber latex is produced based on the standard of TCVN 3769:2004 of quality and evaluated highly by the customers.
Consumption of rubber latex:
Our rubber latex is sold domestic and abroad.




      The factory processing 6,000 tons of rubber latex per year.                                    Store of rubber latex



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