That day, about 4-5 years ago, (when the project of growing Arabica coffee and breeding cows of Krong Buk Rubber Company was not carried out), the whole hill of thousands hectares here had only sunlight and wind. People, mainly ethnic people worked hard to earn their living based on the simple way that was poking, sowing, and shifting cultivation on area of bald and exhausted hills. Their miserable lives were not changed by Price plot, corn terrace field, especial to the people living in Dlie Ya village. Occasionally, the local government and provincial departments considered the way to move people here to the center of commune in order to support their living easily.

    In the practice, Krong Nang planned a concrete project for people to live with houses, fresh water and land for production...But in the end, this project did not come true. Many households moved to the new place a few days, they returned to their old village. Some ones still lived in the new place, filling amazed to miss streams and forest…

Nothing changed in so long times. Because, when making this plan, the maker did not consider the truth that never separate people from their living space, their cultural – historical space. Including familiar rivers, streams that are close – knit with them so long.

    So, what do we do when solving this problem completely? We can say that hundred hectares of rubber which Krong Buk Rubber company grown here with the aim to create jobs for people (including ethnic people and people who moved to central highlands) are not enough to change the lives of hundreds households in the commune Dlie Ya. It is use full when Krong Buk Rubber Company carried out their project of intercropping Catimor coffee and breeding cows under forest at the beginning of the year 1999 creating a opportunity to change the lives of people here.

In the time of about 10 to 12 years to wait the rubber trees grown up, if we did not create suitable job for employees, we could not only solve the eliminating hunger and reducing poverty but also in the long term not attract people to be close-knit with the rubber farm because unstableness of the life.

      With the capital mobilized from employees in the company and the loan from the guideline of science – technology development assistance of the general corporation (about 60 billions VND), all officials and employees in company bravely carried out the project of growing Arabica coffee combining with breeding cows under Dlie Ya forest with the guidance and assistance of Tay Nguyen Agriculture and forestry institute with the aim to change completely the face of eco-social life of considering the most difficult and remote area.

      Up to now, after mor than 9 years carrying out the project, with the effort of all workers (including ma ny ethnic people) we have made uncultivated hills to be a populous and rich village, there are approximately 793 hectares of more than 898 hectare of Arabica coffee in harvesting with the estimated quantity of 1,500 tons in this year. Accompany with this, a coffee wet-technology factory with a capacity of 2,000 tons per year was establishes for production. Beside, a herd of 555 Laisind cows bought by the company breeding in the best condition with the aim to improve the local herd of cows and further for the herd of cows of near area to proclaim the suitable and stable heading of Krong Buk Rubber Company in a dynamic, diversified development based on abundant potentiality of Dlie Ya’s hills.

      We can say that 9 last years were not long, but what the project invested in Dlie Ya of Krong Buk Rubber Company has been brought to this area together with the local government to make the face of this remote area rapidly changeable. Unstable, miserable lives of hundreds of ethnic households and a pressure of local abundant labour force have made responsible persons in Krong Nang district difficult to find the way for this problem (still tube embarrassed) while the project of Krong Buk Rubber Company in Dlie Ya’s hills is considered as a sudden attract to solve two problems above.

Now, the area of Dlie Ya is not only green but also under the shade of rubber and Arabica coffee trees laden with fruits, a new mean of livelihood is felt rising up in the heart of everyone, ever household of a near bright future and prosperity.



… Experiencing changes up and down, difficulties of the country in the time of subsidization and mechanism changes, up to now the company has affirmed step by step its trademark with the domestic consumers and developed rapidly into the region and other continents


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