Striving for total turnover of 500 billion VND

On Feb 2nd 2012, The Krong Buk Rubber One member limited liability company summarized its production and trading in 2011 and proposed its heading for 2012. Thanks to favourable condition of the weather, the rubber farms of the company rarely got powdery mildew disease like others in Gia Lai and Kon Tum Province, the production and trading was rather good. Up to the date of December 31th, 2011, the company exploited and processed 4,011 tons, in which the total of rubber exploited from our rubber farms is 3,732.89 tons, achieved 102.3% compared with plan. The average Productivity reached 1.63 tons per hectare. Especially, in 2011 we collected and processed 1,300 tons of Catimor coffee, exceeding 300 tons compared with the target.

    Besides, other services of the company, such as coffee, fertilizer trading also grew well. For these reasons, the total turnover of the company in 2011 was very high with 429.263 billion VND, raising 30% compared with the same period last year. Total interest before tax reached 131.619 billion VND, increasing 258% compared with 2010. As a result, the average salary of labourers in the company is rather hight, reached 8.2 million VND/person/year and the average bonus exceeding 13 million VND per person.


Acknowledging this achievement of the company in 2011, The Ministry of Agriculture and rural development conferred excellent emulation flag and the Provincial Committee of the Party conferred emulation flag on the company’s party committee for getting excellent, strong, pure title in consecutive 5 years (2007 – 2011). Vietnam General Rubber Corporation and Union of Vietnam General Rubber granted certificate of merit for achievement of finishing production in a shot times compare with plan.


Program of welcome performance



In the pleasure, the leaders of company proposed detail measures to get good result in 2012.

In 2012, the company will invest in intensive cultivation of 2,619.45 hectares rubber in exploitation, striving to exploit 3,650 tons with productivity of over 1.6 tons per hectare. Investing and cultivating well 1,638 hectares of rubber in Cambodia, cooperating firmly with other companies in join-venture, such as 715C and 715A to grow 200 hectares.

Striving to exploit over 1,000 tons of green coffee beans with productivity of 1.14 tons per hectare, maintaining a heard of 50 cows and increasing 10 cows, with weight of 1,500 kg.

Striving to get total turnover of 495.5 billion VND, in which turnover from rubber 311.6 billion VND. Maintaining average salary as the same one in 2011 or higher.

Mr. Pham Van Hien – Vice General Director of Vietnam General Rubber Corporation conferred excellent emulation flag in 2011 on the company.


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