Arabica Coffee

The total of Arabica coffee is 898.79 hectares.

Arabica coffee is selected, grown and cared especially in natural environment on the height of 800 1,200 meters compared with the sea level. The raw coffee is absorbed with morning dew mixed with the freshest air in the fat land of Vietnam's central highlands.


Plantation of Arabica Coffee


Arabica Coffee tree

Drying Green coffee beans


Store of Green coffee beans

- Processing green coffee beans:

-          Green coffee beans are processed with the self contained technology chain, the most modern technology in Vietnam.

-          Coffee beans are processed with wet technology.

-          Processing Capacity is about 15 tons of fresh coffee per hour.

-          Processing Capacity is about 2,000 tons of fresh coffee per year.

Arabica coffee is gained the International standard of UTZ Certified


* Coffee beans (Arabica and Robusta) gained many awards:
- Golden global prize of the Ministry of Science and Technology
- Golden Medal in Spring fair
- Amitted as high quality products suitable with international standards at BuonMaThuot Coffee Festival by the Ministry of Science and Technology.
- Golden cup at BuonMaThuot Festival.
- Golden cup for Arabica high quality coffee

- Robusta green coffee beans is classified into 3 kinds: R1, R2 and raw coffee beans.

- Green coffee beans are consumed domestic and abroad.

Customers have requirement to buy Robusta green coffee beans of our company, please contact us by the phone number of Mr. Thai: 0982.414690


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