With the aim of diversifying products, creating many kinds of high quality products and jobs for people, increasing salary for employees, exploiting maximum the result of using land, making a good eco-social model contributing to developing economy, society and strengthening security in the Area, our company carried out the project of breeding seed cows and beef cows of LaiSind.

In breeding, Our Company always attaches special importance to technique of breeding, grassland, and especially in veterinary.


Herd of Laisind


 LaiSind cows


Along with developing rubber, Arabica coffee, our company, we are trying to bring breeding to our economic developing strategy that is consider a good way, in order to create a stable economic mechanism, strengthen the company developing rapidly and firmly.


Customers have requirement to buy seed Cow and beef cows of LaiSind, please contact us by the phone number: 05003.675 229








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